Posted by: insuranceguy007 | March 3, 2010

Hidden Virginia Homeowners Insurance Discounts

Hidden Virginia Homeowner’s Insurance Discounts


When many people buy their homeowner’s insurance, they take their mortgage papers, the most recent assessment and then allow the agent or his or her representative to inspect the home. Then, they pay the premium without asking any questions. There are many homeowner’s insurance discounts that are often overlooked and are sometimes not mentioned by the agent. If you are purchasing a homeowner’s policy, ask about these discounts.

  • Fire protection. While smoke detectors are a must for a home, many people go the extra mile and add sprinkler systems and fire extinguishers. This extra step can save you on your monthly premiums. Insurance companies see it as an effort on your part to reduce claims.


  • An alarm system. If you have a burglar alarm that alerts a service, you may be eligible for a discount, on your Virginia homeowners insurance. After all, if the thief does not get in, you won’t be filing a claim if your valuables are taken.


  • Other security measures. Even a dead-bolt lock can lead to a discount on your policy. Make sure you point out all of the safety measures on your home, no matter how small they may seem to you.


  • Are you a home improvement junkie? If you have made improvements to the plumbing, heating or electrical system in your home, you could receive a homeowner’s insurance discount.
  • How long have you been with your current agent? You may receive a break for your loyalty.


  • Wind resistant shutters. Strong winds can affect almost any region at any time. Most companies recognize the protection the shutters give to windows and the home.


Finally, the easiest way to get homeowner’s insurance discounts is to have all of your policies with the same company. Many people think it is a good idea to have a different company for each policy and many times that is based on the rate. However, they don’t factor in how the savings if they insure their home, life, car and other valuables with the same company. This could lead to a savings of up to 20 percent. In addition, should you be involved in a disaster that strikes your home, car and boat, you will only have to call one agent. Ask your agent about homeowner’s insurance discounts if you already have your other policies with them.

About Craig Griffith:

Craig Griffith is an entrepreneur and a small business owner living in Northern Virginia. As a professional insurance agent working in his field for the last 15 years, he has built his agency to become one of the premier insurance agencies in Northern Virginia. With a bilingual experienced staff of 8 full time representatives they assist thousands of satisfied Virginia residents with their insurance needs. Craig does not believe in the hard sell, he and his agency give expert straightforward advice, and will tell you right up front if they can not help you. When Craig is not helping folks understand their insurance he likes to spend time with his family enjoying outdoor activities including, waterskiing, hiking, boating, skiing, and golf.



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