Posted by: insuranceguy007 | August 24, 2009

Three Secrets to Making your Virginia Auto Insurance Policy the Envy of the Neighborhood!

The Three Secrets to Making Your Virginia Auto Insurance Policy the Envy of the Neighborhood!!!

Subject. After reading it you will know what’s important in you Virginia Auto Insurance Policy. Master these basics before looking for cheap Virginia auto insurance, or it could cost you Everything!

Master the concepts in this article and you’ll be on your way. Learn the basics about you Car insurance in Virginia and make sure it has the coverage you need, understand what your deductibles are for, make sure you are not leaving any discounts on the table.

My 14 years as an insurance professional have given me the experience I need to make your insurance buying process as easy as possible. I run into people all the time who need a refresher on the basics.

Ready to learn something that can save you big money!

1. The most important part of your Virginia auto policy are the liability limits. They are broken down into three separate limits usually stated like this 25/50/25 this means the policy will pay a max of $25,000 for one persons injury $50,000 for multiple persons injury or $25,000 for property damage. This is for bodily injury or property damage liability arising out of the use of your car. So if you have an at fault accident where someone gets hurt this is how much money your policy provides to pay for those costs.

2. The limits in the Uninsured and Underinsured section are broken down the same way. So, if you have an accident with someone who doesn’t have any insurance. 25,000 can disappear quickly if you have an accident where you get seriously injured by an uninsured driver.

3. You can raise these limits several times over for just a few dollars. Don’t get caught with less than you need.

Ever notice how many people are on the road today that don’t look like they know what they are doing. Recent reports indicate that the number of uninsured drivers in VA is on the increase big time 10% and climbing check this out

Make sure you have enough coverage the state minimum coverage can run out quick if you have an accident where someone gets hurt, or if you cause a big pile up.

Do you live in a $500,000 house?? You should look at a Virginia Liability Umbrella policy. Usually less than $200 per year and give you a million dollars of coverage on top of what you get from your auto policy… it’s a no brainer….

4. Insurance companies give HUGE discount for multiple cars and multiple policies if you have 2 cars insured with 2 different companies and a separate company on your house or renters you are volunteering to pay at least 40% more than you should.

5. Physical Damage coverage is broken down into 2 categories

Collision – this means if you hit something a pothole, a post in a parking garage or another vehicle. The deductible applies first to getting the damage to your car fixed. The damage to the other car thing is paid at no deductible by the property damage liability coverage.

Other than collision- the name is pretty self explanatory but I still get a lot of questions on this… Glass breakage, Vandalism, Theft, Deer jumps out in front of you, hail storm, tree falls on car. I am different from most agents
With the other than collision coverage because I like low deductibles on this.. These are situations out of your control and it is a kick in the teeth to pay good money for insurance and then find out your new windshield cost less than your deductible so you have to come out of pocket….Ever happen to you???

I hope you found my article useful and informative if you would like more info please send me an email or give me a call
At 703-253-8585 Ask for my free Viriginia auto insurance liability limit comparison report.


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