Posted by: insuranceguy007 | August 24, 2009

The Danger to you from Uninsured Motorists

The Danger to you from Uninsured Motorists

The economy has hit many families hard with many choosing between spending money for groceries and paying their vehicle insurance. Pass ten cars on the highway and at least of them is probably uninsured. According to recent statistics, at least ten percent of all drivers in Virginia are uninsured. You may think this doesn’t affect you. But what if you are in a wreck and the other driver that caused the wreck is uninsured? How will you pay for your medical bills and for repairs to your car? Virginia uninsured motorists insurance can give you peace of mind as you recover. These policies cover:

• Bodily injuries caused by an uninsured driver.
• Bodily injuries when the driver’s insurance company is out of business or can’t pay the claim for some reason.
• Bodily injuries and damage caused by a driver that doesn’t have enough coverage to pay for your medical expenses and damages to your car.

Your options for protecting yourself from uninsured motorists are few if you don’t have Virginia uninsured motorist insurance.

• You could sue the other driver. However, if they don’t have enough money to pay for insurance coverage, how much can you actually recover? You may never recoup your legal fees if you sue, much less the costs of your medical treatment and damages.
• Try to avoid getting in a wreck all together. Defensive driving is a way that you can prevent wrecks. Keep you eye out for people who are driving recklessly. Don’t follow too closely. Watch the road and stay off the cell phone and avoid eating lunch in the car. If you want to learn defensive driving techniques, take a class. Most insurance companies offer a discount for those who take one of these courses.

Hopefully, you will not be hit by one of these drivers and have to use your Virginia uninsured motorist insurance. But if you are, make sure you get all of the information about the driver including their license plate and driver’s license numbers. Get the names of witnesses who may have seen the wreck. And call the police. The driver will likely be cited for driving without insurance.

Finally, don’t accept any cash money offered by the other driver. If you do, you may not be able to collect on your Virginia insured motorist coverage or have any further legal action.

About Craig Griffith:

Craig Griffith is an entrepreneur and a small business owner living in Northern Virginia. As a professional insurance agent working in his field for the last 14 years, he has built his agency to become one of the premier insurance agencies in Northern Virginia. With a bilingual experienced staff of 8 full time representatives they assist thousands of satisfied Virginia residents with their insurance needs. Craig does not believe in the hard sell, he and his agency give expert straightforward advice, and will tell you right up front if they can not help you. When Craig is not helping folks understand their insurance he likes to spend time with his family enjoying outdoor activities including, waterskiing, hiking, boating, skiing, and golf.


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